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Imagine if...

  • You were finally doing a job you loved, working for clients you loved.

  • You were your own boss, and could set your own hours.

  • You had access to an exclusive community of other people in your exact same shoes, looking to build their business the same way.

  • You had the confidence to approach new and potential clients

8 Sections That Cover Everything

The Creative VA Academy is an 8 week, step by step course that will take you through the steps of launching your own Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager, or Freelancing business.


    We will cover what a VA/Freelancer is, what services you can offer, what mindsets you need to become successful, and set goals. This will build you a foundation of a YES mindset!


    We will create your dream client avatar, how you can help them, and fine-tune the services you will offer. Not only will we map out your current skill sets, but we will look into who services those skills can turn into.


    In this module, we will go over how to structure your packages, your hourly rate, and what you should charge for your services. We will map out your plan to quit your 9-5 or reach your potential goals.


    This is where we will go over how to legally set up your company, how to open a business bank account, how to claim your name across social media and the web, and how to structure your contracts (and what to include!)


    We will go over all things branding. We will go over branding basics, what to include in a successful brand, and how to utilize these items within your brand. You will create your final brand board, as well as your brand voice.


    This module is all about marketing your business - from social media strategy, to your website, to marketing. We will create a marketing plan that will set you up for success, and walk you through what your website needs.


    Not only will we go over how to get clients and where to find them, but also how to pre-screen them, and walk you through how to make the best Discovery Call to book them. This module will cover how and where to advertise your services, as well as how to stand out from the crowd.


    The module is all about client satisfaction and productivity. We will go over how to onboard your clients to ensure a successful working relationship, as well as how to set up client communication. You will also learn ways to organize client work, and how to ensure client satisfaction.


What students are saying about The Creative VA Academy

“Before joining The Creative VA Academy, I was struggling with knowing how to start my VA business. I also struggled with getting clients, creating systems, and knowing how to price my services. Since joining The Creative VA Academy, I now actually have a business! I feel so much more confident about my services, business structure and feel like it is an actual business that I can start to grow. The courses were very clear. I knew what each week would look like and what to expect for the following week as well. One of my ah-ha moments was not only knowing my pricing but also knowing my value! Since joining the course, I have set up my website, and had a client double her hours with me because she loved my work style!”

Kara CahillKara Cahill

“Before The Creative VA Academy, I was struggling with business structure and direction. I was kind of floating through, piecing the pieces together, but not really on a clear path. Since going through The Creative VA Academy, I now have a business I am proud to share with the world. One that is structured, professional, and designed in a way to match my skills and personality. I am attracting my ideal clients and enjoying the work I do. The course objectives were crystal clear and actionable. There were objectives to solidify lessons, keep you on track, and keep you engaged. This course is jam-packed full of information, content, action steps, and examples! I recently sent my largest proposal since starting my business, and it was accepted right away!”

Leslie MazzeiLeslie Mazzei

“The Creative VA Academy has definitely moved me forward in my VA business. I have learned so many ways to organize and be more efficient in the work I do and how I manage projects. I had a ton of Ah-ha moments, like my client avatar, contracts, the way I charge for my services, niches, passion/drive, and task load! The course work was super valuable and is going to set me up for success. Joining the group is great too, because it is a place where we can ask for advice, bounce ideas off of each other or leverage each other's skill sets to help our clients.”

Kim DeGryseKim DeGryse

“For the first time in my life, I feel like success is possible and that I can face my fears of starting my own business without being overwhelmed. I feel like this course granted me unlimited freedom and possibilities for my creativity and the road ahead. I have finally said, "Yes" to me and giving my dreams a REAL chance. MAJOR! I'm so grateful. Thank you so much for pouring your heart into this course. I feel like you gave us SO MUCH content (way more than I imagined when I purchased it) and really made sure we were set up for success. It's structured in a way that at the end of Module 8, if we do the tasks - everything is in place to start our business with full confidence. Also, I'm in so many Facebook groups, but this VA Academy one feels personal and I love that. Joining The Creative VA Academy has impacted my business tremendously! I feel like every question was answered, a clear path was established and for the first time in my life it all feels doable and exciting! ”

Leah RugeLeah Ruge

“The idea of becoming a VA was simply that - an idea. I didn't know where to even begin, how to open your own business, any of those important steps! But since joining The Creative VA Academy, I am currently growing a business that I know I will be able to be proud of! Creating my brand board has been by far my favorite so far! To see the idea and MY business plan coming alive - it literally made me come alive! I couldn't even do any work that same day that really required a lot of focus because I just felt on top of the world happy! I have confidence in building a business now! I am currently getting ready to plan out my 4-week launch strategy and none of this would have been possible without you and your education! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”

Krystal CassidyKrystal Cassidy

“Before The Creative VA Academy, I was trying to figure out how to help creative businesses. There was nowhere that I could find that was specifically teaching that. Also, there was just so much information out there, I didn't know where to start! I am so happy that everything about starting a VA business was packed into one resource. This course got me started and got me confident about running it right. As a person who is HORRIBLE with sticking with personal tasks and goals, I was able to push forward and make my business legit and legal. Now I HAVE to commit!”

What does it cost?

You will get the complete course PLUS these bonuses!

1. FREE 30 day social media outline to get your first month set up and 30 day launching/marketing plan   ($150 value)
2. 25 blogging topics to get your blog started ($55 value)
3. Client questionnaires to help you onboard clients ($100 value)
4. A 6-month spreadsheet I use to track my monthly client income
This spreadsheet is what I used to go from my 9-5 job to fully booked in 6 months! ($75 value)
5. Sample contracts, invoice templates and email templates ($550 value)
6. A FREE tutorial on how to build your website in Squarespace - in just a few hours! From how to format it, to what to include - it is all in this tutorial. $250 value
7. A complete Pinterest Mini-Course that goes over Pinterest, Tailwind, and Canva! It's over an hour of education PLUS a workbook to get your Pinterest growing today! ($197 value)
8. A complete blogging mini-course that covers how to create the best blog content in both Squarespace + WordPress! PLUS I cover the best SEO strategies for your blog (and how to help your clients blog as well!) $197 value

Plus Access to the exclusive Facebook Group for members of The Creative VA Academy.

In this exclusive Facebook Group, you will be able to join monthly LIVE Zoom calls where you can ask any questions! This is a great way to get FREE advice and mentorship!

We offer two payment options!

Pricing options

We now offer two payment options! Pay in full for $597, or make 2 Monthly Payments of $317!


  • Adrienna McDermott

    Adrienna McDermott


    Adrienna is a former bridal boutique owner turned virtual assistant who is devoted to helping her clients grow their companies. She has 10 years in the wedding industry, in both owning a wedding planning, bridal boutique, and florist company, as well as years of management and training others. She currently works as a Virtual Assistant for wedding professionals across the country and teaches others how to become creative VA's. Adrienna lives in Ithaca, New York, with her tripawd black lab, Cornell Grad School boyfriend, and a slightly overweight cat named Brutus.
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  • Do you offer a payment plan?

    Yes! After many requests, we have added a payment plan! You can start now for just $317, and pay an additional $317 the next month. That's right, you can get the course for 2 Monthly Payments of $317!

  • Can I do this on the side?

    Yes! What is so great about working virtually is that you set your own hours. You can complete the client work on your free time, around your current lifestyle.

  • What skills do I need to succeed in The Creative VA Academy?

    To be successful, you need to be a hard worker, have a creative eye, and be willing to learn new tools or programs. I recommend having Photoshop, and Wordpress or Squarespace knowledge. This is not a requirement, but will help you learn quicker!

  • If things get added to the creative VA course will I have access to that?

    YES! All items that are added down the road will be available for all of those who purchase The Creative VA Academy!

  • Are you teaching specific skills a VA can offer? Or just how to set up a VA business?

    Both! Not only do I share how to set up your business, but I also go over skills. I will share what industries require what skill sets, what programs they use, how to structure your pricing (both hourly and packages) and much more!

  • What is included in the course?

    The course includes 8 Modules, with 28 sections. Each module is about 1 hour of video, with a workbook filled with action steps. There are over 8 hours of training videos, PLUS 4 additional hours of bonus training! There are over 80 pages of workbook material, to help you get results quicker!